What now?

The most common question I get from clients are (1) what happens after I file a workers’ compensation case? and (2) when does it end?

(1) What happens after I file a workers’ compensation case?

Ideally, once a case has been opened the injured worker gets medical treatment and time off if necessary to recovery, heal and get back to work if possible.  Of course it’s never this simple and there are many delay’s, complications, denials and other roadblocks.

To list all the complications that can occur in a case is not possible as each case is unique and has it’s own set of situations.

2. When does it end?

I tell all my clients, “The medical controls when your cases closes”.  What I mean is, when you recover OR when the doctors determine you to be Permanent and Stationary, then we can start moving your case to closure.  The parties can agree to a settlement at any time however, every case is on track for trial in case settlement doesn’t occur.

WC cases can drag on for many years at times.  If you’re still recovering, healing, receiving treatment, or in need of treatment then wanting your case to close may not be the best thing for you at this time.

If you want to find out how these issues could affect your case call our office to schedule a free consultation.